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Kenro expands range of NanGuang lighting

The new range includes a variety of LED lights and panels and also two lighting stands. Products include the NangGuang LED Studio Light Panel and NanGuang LED Fresnel Light, which is available in two sizes.

The new range includes a variety of LED lights and panels and also two lighting stands. Products include the NangGuang LED Studio Light Panel and NanGuang LED Fresnel Light, which is available in two sizes. For more information and to see the full list of new products read the official press release below:


Kenro Ltd, the specialist photo & video distributor for the UK and Ireland, continues to expand its range of affordable LED lights and panels manufactured by NanGuang, which have been designed for both photo stills and video use.

Kenro is the UK and Ireland’s official distributor of NanGuang lighting equipment, stocking a growing portfolio of the best lighting gear that the manufacturer has to offer.

LED lighting provides powerful continuous light output with low power consumption. The constant illumination makes it easier to view lighting effects while setting up shots.

First, beautifully slim and easy to manoeuvre, the NanGuang LED Studio Light Panel (CN-T340) emits a soft, diffused, flicker-free light that is ideal for portraiture or product photography at a colour temperature of 5600K. It features a stepless dimmer control for adjusting the 68W power output. Illumination is 4020 LM and the 340 LEDS have an average life of 50,000 hours.  It measures 420 x 350mm and is 55mm deep. An AC power adapter is included (stand sold separately). SRP is £209.94.

For those wanting a more powerful and larger lighting source, the NanGuang LED Studio Light (CN-T504) has the same features, but has 504 LEDs, measures 725 x 125mm and is even slimmer at just 52mm deep. Illumination is 6000 LM and overall power is 100W with stepless dimmer control. SRP is £263.94.

If you are looking for more directional lighting, there are two Fresnel models currently available in the range:

The NanGuang LED Fresnel Light (CN-20FC) is designed for use on a camera hotshoe or tripod. It is very compact and uses two high-efficiency LEDs, giving powerful flicker-free light output (max 20W) with flood and spotlight adjustment from 15-55 degrees. It also features adjustable colour temperature and stepless dimmer controls, as well as built-in barn door diffusors.

It is supplied as a kit with a fitted case, including spare diffusers and battery magazine (batteries not included). Runs on 6 AA batteries or 240V (available separately). SRP is £71.94.

Designed for studio use, the larger NanGuang LED Fresnel Light (CN-30F) focuses light from a narrow to wide beam 12-35 degrees (stepless). The head comes with a full range of accessories including barn doors and filters in a fitted case. Power source is 240V AC (adapter included) and power output is 30W, with illumination 2494 LM. Colour temperature is a fixed 5600K. The light is well-ventilated for passive air cooling. SRP is £239.94.

Two NanGuang-branded light stands are also available. Both have 3 sections and are constructed of steel and aluminium. The larger of the two, the NanGuang Lighting Stand L280, has a maximum working height of 265cm and maximum load capacity of 15kg, while the 220P model supports heads up to 12kg at a maximum height of 185cm. SRPs are £27.54 and £26.34 respectively.

Paul Kench, Managing Director at Kenro, says: “In addition to selling these lights separately we have also bundled some of them together as kits, offering even better value. Of special note is the very high CRI rating, giving users very accurate colour representation. New to the UK and Irish markets, NanGuang offers photographers excellent value and superb quality lighting for fantastic photos and video.”

All quoted prices are SRP guide, including VAT.

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