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Adobe predicts 2024’s hottest visual trends

Posted on Jan 18, 2024 by Samara Husbands

Find out Adobe’s top predictions for trends in the world of filmmaking for 2024

The four categories Calming Rhythms, Wonder and Joy, Dynamic Dimensions and The New Nostalgia are the emerging global creative trends set to make the biggest visual impact in 2024. Much of this will be driven by AI, which is ushering in a new era for professionals and consumers.

That’s the headline announcement of Adobe’s annual report, which finds that consumers are increasingly prioritising balance in all aspects of their lives, with trends representing elements of both speed and relaxation.

This is Adobe’s seventh year of examining emerging creative styles, cultural themes, consumer patterns, technology advancements and stock industry data globally. It identifies the trends and aesthetics that will dominate filmmaking, photos and social media.

Filmmakers who want to be at the cutting edge or work with brands who are leading in current styles should consider the how the four creative drivers could influence their work in video content or motion graphics and templates. 

Calming Rhythms

With mental and emotional health now a global priority, soothing and rhythmic visuals have a calming effect. These are being used by a growing number of brands.  Calming Visuals can vary from abstract and repetitive backgrounds to slowly shifting and moving forms, often with relaxing sounds, music and ASMR content.

Wonder and Joy

Visuals that inspire a sense of awe and enchantment as a coping mechanism in the current economic environment. Wonder and Joy could span all types of experience – from simple pleasures including being a ‘kidult’ to luxurious travel experiences and AI-generated imaginative environments. 

Dynamic Dimensions

This category is inspired by elements that blend and create impactful visuals, with gaming and VR/AR images merging through video and illustrations. Dynamic Dimensions are ideal for Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects templates with existing motion graphics.

The New Nostalgia

This trend mixes vintage style with a contemporary interpretation and flair. With around half of Generation Z in the UK, North America and Australia claiming a desire to disconnect from their phones, they are turning to hobbies of the past – including photography – that help them feel detached from the real world.

Originally published in the Jan/Feb 2024 issue of Pro Moviemaker.

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