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The Mic of Champions

Posted on Jun 28, 2024 by Pro Moviemaker

Audio-Technica’s unique stereo shotgun was developed to capture medal-winning performances with clarity

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It can be a difficult choice when selecting a professional-quality XLR shotgun mic for the uninitiated, as many mics look rather similar. But, there can be a huge difference in terms of what they do and their actual performance. That’s certainly the case for the Audio-Technica BP4029, a very different type of mic –  being a stereo shotgun based on models originally developed to broadcast the Sydney Games of 2000. 

While many shotgun mics are used relatively close-up for dialogue, the lightweight BP4029 is perfect for use on a camera for recording distant sounds due to great off-axis noise rejection. It excels at picking up natural ambience without colouration or distortion. The mic measures 9.29 inches and is engineered for high-end broadcast and production use. It features an independent line-cardioid and figure-of-eight elements configured in a mid-side (MS) arrangement with switch-selectable internal matrixing. 

The innovative mic allows the choice of a left-right stereo output (wide or narrow) via the microphone’s internal system or choosing discrete MS signals for later manipulation – a unique feature not available from any other manufacturer.

It is equipped with two independent electret capsules; one configured as narrow cardioid and the other configured in a figure-of-eight MS mode (central-lateral), with provision for adjusting the width of the stereo image in post. You can choose between a wide sound recording angle where the mic captures either more ambient noise, or a narrow sound recording angle where the rejection is greater and ambient noises are mitigated.

A switchable roll-off filter helps minimise unwanted low-frequency noise, while a switchable low-cut filter provides better isolation of unwanted noise and effective wind noise reduction. The mic also comes with the AT8134 foam windscreen and a 24-inch, Y-shaped cable with a 5-pin XLRF to two standard 3-pin XLRM connectors. It is phantom-powered.

Plus, the classy-looking, all-black mic comes with O-rings to make it fit snugly in XLR holders, a stand clamp for 5/8in-27 threaded stands, a 5/8in-27 to 3/8in-16 threaded adapter as well as a custom carrying case.

It’s is made from a lightweight yet sturdy aluminium, allowing considerable usage in harsh environments. Weighing just 103g, it is it also ideal for installing on a boom.

Seeing as it was created for use in busy events with heavy electrical interference, Audio-Technica engineered the BP4029 benefits to be strongly reinforced against radio waves and mobile phone signal to avoid interference when recording. 

It truly is a stunner when used to capture top-quality audio in stereo, on location or in the studio. A real gold-medal winner.  

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This feature was first published in the July/August 2024 issue of Pro Moviemaker.

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