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The New Flagship QD Series!

The New Flagship QD Series Redefines the balance between Price, Payload, and Performance.

As the first 150mm tripod and pedestal series in Libec history, the QH1 and QH3 heads are designed with a great torque system, perfect counterbalance system, and other advanced features. Our newly designed 60kg payload pedestal and heavy duty 150mm bowl tripod are reliable in the studio and on the field.

The Smooth Counterbalance System is a unique Libec technology that allows the counterbalance knob to be adjusted with constant motion to smoothly reach the minimum and maximum power range. The foldaway knob is designed for easy speedy adjustments. The counterbalance power level can be easily viewed by looking at the meter.

For the camera system’s safety, the head can be physically locked into a center tilt position. Even at a distance, the arrow shaped knob and Lock/Unlock symbols are visible. The BL-150 ball base adapter is included inside the kit, which converts the flat base head into a 150mm ball head.

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