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Aputure’s super storm

Posted on Oct 10, 2023 by Samara Husbands

Fast-growing lighting brand Aputure continues its inroads into the high-end filmmaking market with a glut of fresh products, including a 2600W bicolour LED, a 1500W full-colour version and modifiers to suit both

The new Electro Storm XT26 is one of the most powerful COB lights to hit the market. It’s a 2600W point-source LED with white CCT and tint control. It has dual accessory mounts, professional connectivity, G/M tint adjustment, advanced liquid-cooling technology as well as an IP65 dust- and water-resistant construction.

At full power, the Electro Storm XT26 approaches the brightness of industry-standard 12,000W tungsten fresnels and 4000W HMIs. It features a powerful chipset built to maintain accurate colour throughout its CCT range, from 2700-6500K with a green-magenta colour correction of +/- 0.05dUV shift between 3000-6000K.

It has the universal Bowens mount and all-new electronic A-Mount – Aputure’s latest innovation to give stability to the heaviest modifiers. At launch, there are three new A-Mount Reflectors in 20, 35 and 50° sizes plus the new 14-inch Aputure F14 Fresnel. The A-Mount communicates data for colour accuracy and motorised focus control. There’s also an optional motorised yoke allowing smooth remote operation of pan and tilt adjustments.

Connectivity includes Sidus Link app control, wireless DMX via the latest LumenRadio TimoTwo CRMX chipset, Art-Net and sACN via etherCON, plus 16-bit 5-pin DMX512 in/out. A heatsink that uses liquid-cooling technology stops the fixture overheating. Power is by AC or battery via dual 48v inputs.

Meanwhile, the new Electro Storm CS15 is a 1500W full-colour point-source LED fixture which also features dual accessory mounts, professional connectivity, high SSI colour quality and an IP65 dust- and water-resistant construction. It’s comparable in power to 1800W HMIs and is currently the most powerful, colour-accurate open-face full-colour point-source COB you can buy.

Much like the COB S series announced by sister brand Amaran, the Electro Storm CS15 features the same re-engineered dual-blue LED chipset. It achieves a high spectral reproduction with an ultra-high SSI (tungsten) of 89+ and SSI (D56) of 86+. 

The CS15 works with optional motorised yoke and has a liquid-cooled heat sink. No prices have yet been set.

Originally published in the September/October 2023 issue of Pro Moviemaker.

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