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Do you own your camera? Put it to work!

Sponsored Promotion: If you want to make money with your kit, save on rentals or extend your network, MotionTribe might be exactly what you are looking for.

If you are like me, you use your camera kit not nearly as often as you would hope. Whether you are busy preparing your next shoot or editing the last, your camera is just sitting there and not bringing you any income. Occasionally, your camera will not suit a project and you’ll have to rent a different one.

“A company that checks on all members, and where the gear is properly insured… makes the concept of renting my gear out a real option.”

Philip Bloom, Filmmaker

MotionTribe is a peer-to-peer camera rental service founded by filmmakers with experience producing videos in 23 countries for clients such as Adidas and Vice. Freelancers and production share gear with the community and benefit from a fully-comprehensive insurance, member vetting, easy payment with no deposit and affordable prices. But the hidden value of MotionTribe lies in its community of over 1000 members in Europe.

“People come to make money or save money, then discover they can expand their network as each rental is an opportunity to meet a future collaborator.”

MotionTribe Co-founder, Haroun Souriji


Meet the MotionTribe Community from MotionTribe on Vimeo.

Enak Cortebeeck is a director and MotionTribe member: “I only did it to have my equipment pay itself off a bit and I managed to use MotionTribe to buy extra equipment!” Despite the value of the items involved, Cortebeeck was reassured by MotionTribe’s cautious enrolment procedure and comprehensive insurance. “The process breeds confidence: We’ve never turned a rental down.”

If you sign up for a free account in May, you can use the coupon code PROMM20 to receive a £20 coupon on your first order (£100 or more). Don’t miss the first networking event too !

Check out the website at!

Launch event : try the first affordable High Speed camera

MotionTribe’s popular networking events are coming to London! After partnering with Canon and Panasonic they have now invited The Slow Motion Camera Company to showcase their new baby: the first high speed camera (2000fps in 1080p) that is affordable for owner-operators. This is a free open bar event !

Already two thirds of the spots are taken for the event: join the event.

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