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Kodak Super8 footage revealed

The long-awaited and much-marketed Kodak Super8 movie film camera has taken a step closer to reality with the launch of a video showing some actual footage. Kodak says the camera will cost between $2500-3000 when it comes on the market this year,  and have launched a film showing some footage of the typical hipster-style target market and fashionistas caught in behind-the-scenes shoots. 

The idea is that the camera uses a Kodak film cartridge, which is sent off to Kodak for processing. You then get a digital version to use in your editing software. The specs are:

FilmFilm gauge: Super 8 ( Extended Super 8 Gate )
Film: LoadKODAK Cartridges with 50 ft (15 M)
Speed: Variable Speeds (18, 24, 25, 36 FPS) 
LensMount: C-Mount
Focal Length: Fixed / 6 MM, 1:1.2
Lens controls: Manual Focus & Iris
Viewfinder: 4″ Display 
Built-in Light Meter for Supported Speeds of all KODAK film types
Manual Speed / Manual Iris Setting




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