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Samyang launches world’s widest Canon lens

Samyang reveals the world’s widest prime lens; the XP 10mm F3.5 for Canon full-frame DSLR cameras. It’s rectilinear corrected, so provides a conventional super-wide view rather than a fisheye-style image.

The new XP 10mm F3.5 provides the ultimate in ultra-wide-angle coverage of up to a 130° angle view with crystal-clear, non-fisheye image quality.

Samyang’s new XP 10mm F3.5 elevates the quality of ultra-wide images and provides a burst of creativity for users, with its high resolution of more than 50 megapixels and distortion-free images for creating outstanding landscapes and architectural shots.

This lens features a total of 18 lens elements in 11 groups. 7 special optical elements maximise the image quality from centre to edge, with high contrast and vivid colour. The use of 3 aspherical elements, 1 high-refractive element and 3 extra-low dispersion elements effectively remove any distortion and aberrations. Flare and ghosting are also controlled by Ultra-Multi- Coating technology from Samyang. Now you can capture super-wide landscapes with 130° angle of view as well as architecture and indoor shots in super-high resolution and distortion-free. The XP 10mm F3.5 will be the perfect lens for a broad range of photographers and cinematographers who wish to create professional photos and videos in exceptionally high resolution.


The Samyang XP 10mm F3.5 lens will be available to purchase in March 2019 for an estimated retail price of £949.99


For full details please visit the website or contact Steve Read at [email protected]

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