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CVP launches Fitzrovia flagship

Posted on Dec 1, 2023 by Samara Husbands

Forget the tourist attractions in central London, the brand-new showroom from the award-winning retailer is the place to be

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When it’s time to upgrade your equipment, there is nothing like getting your hands on the latest kit and benefitting from impartial advice from experts. Especially if it’s in a welcoming and modern environment where you are afforded the luxury of time to ensure you’re making the right decision. 

It’s the modern way to buy, and nowhere is it done better than in CVP’s new showroom in the heart of London. The airy, single-storey space is on Great Titchfield Street in the historically bohemian area of Fitzrovia. It is filled with the latest and greatest gear, letting professionals get a feel for the kit before making a commitment. But CVP Fitzrovia is more than display cases – it’s a spot meant for collaboration, education and community engagement.

The creative environment

With a modern, semi-industrial look, the new CVP flagship is a huge step up from the previous showroom. The new facility continues the legacy of curated locations in the heart of London and is the perfect companion to sister showroom CVP | ARRI Creative Space at nearby Charlotte Street. 

“We spent a lot of time trying to find a new place,” says Darren Simpson, CVP sales director. “The old showroom was a lovely space – it just wasn’t as functional. We grew out of it.”

CVP Fitzrovia features a curated selection of gear, from cameras and lenses to lighting rigs and dollies. “We’re making it a destination for people – DOPs, focus pullers, anyone in the industry – to come to, as a space where you can touch and feel things rather than going on the website,” adds Simpson. “People can come and build their own camera kits, or they might want to test different types of lenses.”

It’s also a great way to directly compare products, as CVP stocks the best equipment from a massive range of brands. “People want to see why they should spend more money for one over another, or this model over that model,” says Simpson. By letting customers try a range of kit at the same time in the same place, CVP simplifies the purchasing process, which can otherwise be arduous and involve lots of internet research.

For example, CVP always has the most recent releases, such as Cooke’s SP3 range of prime lenses, the powerful Red Komodo-X, Panasonic Lumix S5 II X, Arri Alexa 35 and the Sony Burano cinema camera. Visitors get early access to equipment and can even bag deals on ex-showroom kit.

Much more than just a store

The Fitzrovia location is more of a creative space, as it will host regular events and workshops which are listed on the CVP website. Jon Fry, CVP managing director, says: “We’ve designed this innovative showroom with our community in mind. The space will also serve as a hub for knowledge sharing, with educational workshops, technical training and networking events already scheduled.”

Some of the activities on offer include introductions to cinematography and documentary filmmaking, workshops on Steadicams and lens metadata and hands-on demos of products like the Arri Hi-5 hand unit and Angénieux’s multi-format lens solution. CVP will also run virtual production workshops with the showroom’s lighting rig and LED panels.

The ambitious plan is to have two or three workshops running every week, so there will always be something going on.

UK’s equipment hub for all

CVP’s Fitzrovia store is Britain’s new central hub for filmmaking equipment.
It’s simple to access thanks to its convenient location near to both King’s Cross and St Pancras stations, and Heathrow Airport is only a short train ride away. It’s then a stroll from several Underground stops. It’s also an accessible building, since it lacks the staircases often found in old London townhouses. “The idea was not to have any stairs – the only step we’ve got is the front curb,” according to Simpson.

For locals, CVP’s central London address makes it ideal for filmmakers wanting to invest time in checking out equipment and being inspired by some of the many events slated to occur within the space. 

There’s an enclosed meeting area which is less distracting than the office or a coffee shop, but more laid back than a library. “We have extra desks for manufacturers and have even had interest from people who just don’t want to work from home,” says Simpson. 

Customers can come to CVP to ask questions, arrange repairs and collect orders, putting a face to its name. There’s always a CVP representative on hand. And the CVP | ARRI Creative Space is close, so it’s easy to travel back and forth between buildings – another perk of CVP Fitzrovia’s locational convenience.

Not just cinematography

CVP is best-known by cinematographers, but it’s not confined to any one area of video production, with experts in lots of areas. “We’ve been pigeonholed as a little bit cine, and there is a reason for that,” explains Jon Fry, sales director. “We appeal to that market.”

For commercial projects, music videos, live streams and such, CVP offers sound mixers and switchers, teleprompters, PTZ and POV cameras, among an extensive selection of other accessories. Find an LED volume stage, lighting solutions including Litepanels, Arri, Aputure and Prolycht, and a Monitor Wall featuring 30 monitors side by side from companies including Atomos, Ovide, Eizo and Sony. Whatever your gear needs – cinema, broadcast, live streaming, video production – CVP has it all covered in the fast-moving world of media and entertainment. 

“We deliver beyond boxes,” states Fry. “We actually invest an enormous amount in the service and the value.

 “We’re not just telling people what we think they want to hear. We’re asking them what’s relevant. We’re keen, and have a bit to learn here. Come talk to us.” 

Originally published in the November/December 2023 issue of Pro Moviemaker.

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