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Posted on Dec 26, 2023 by Samara Husbands

The flagship Rode Wireless Pro kit has incredible innovations – including 32-bit float recording

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Rode’s Wireless Pro breaks new ground as it boasts a swathe of features not found in any mic, let alone a compact wireless system. These bring never-before-seen levels of audio quality, ease of use and high-tech features to ensure everything is always safely recorded.

As the only mic to use 32-bit float recording onboard to its internal 32GB internal memory, as well as wirelessly transmitting audio to the on-camera receiver, it enables clipping-free sound even if the sender unit is out of range of the receiver. It’s the ultimate in convenience for a worry-free soundtrack.

The Wireless Pro takes the legacy of the award-winning Wireless Go series to new heights, setting a standard as the ultimate compact wireless mic system and Rode’s flagship in the Wireless range.

This super-compact, dual-channel wireless microphone system comes with a pair of small transmitters to allow for two people to talk – such as an interview situation – and the sound be recorded onto the video file in the camera via the small receiver unit. On the receiver is a TRRS input for a headset or other narrator mic for recording up to three audio channels simultaneously.  

“We’ve left no stone unturned when it comes to features in this new system, packing incredibly powerful, useful features like 32-bit float onboard recording and timecode capability into the same compact and easy-to-use form factor that thousands of creators around the world use every day,” says Rode CEO Damien Wilson. So let’s take a look at five of the most impressive features from the first truly Pro audio system. 

Tiny size, yet packed with features 

Despite so much capability, the Wireless Pro has the same pocket-sized form factor as the rest of Rode’s compact wireless range, but with sleek new black-on-black styling for extra discretion. It comes in a dual-channel set with two transmitters and a receiver, and uses Rode’s state-of-the-art Series IV 2.4GHz digital transmission with a virtually zero-latency codec thanks to 128-bit encryption, delivering clear, stable audio at distances up to 260m/850ft. Integrated lapel clips and broadcast-quality, built-in omnidirectional mics on the transmitters make setting up both simple and fast. The Wireless Pro is compatible with cameras, smartphones, tablets, computers as well as other audio devices via its analogue 3.5mm TRS and digital USB-C outputs.   

Awesome audio, every time

The buzz in the audio world is the incredible 32-bit float technology that can eliminate the need to set gain levels prior to recording, with no chance of the audio clipping. And the Rode Wireless Pro is the first to offer this in a mic, which records to the 32GB of internal memory for more than 40 hours of onboard recording. So even if the wireless signal fails, there’s always a clean backup – even in dynamic scenarios. Dedicated buttons on the transmitters make triggering recording easy. 

Many filmmakers want to record audio directly to the camera for a faster workflow in post, where the Wireless Pro helps capture pristine audio. This includes Rode’s innovative GainAssist tech, which uses intelligent algorithms to automatically control audio levels on the fly, ensuring output is smooth and balanced – and minimising the risk of clipping. It also features flexible output control with a huge 30dB gain range, allowing every mic to be tailored to the camera, plus pre-configured camera presets for quick and easy set-up. And the Wireless Pro has a safety channel feature, which outputs a second channel of audio 10dB lower than the primary one in case the signal is too loud.

These features make recording flawless audio incredibly easy in just about every environment or scenario. 

Perfectly in sync

To make it a doddle to use 32-bit float onboard recording, the Wireless Pro offers timecode sync capabilities, making it fast and easy to perfectly align audio to video in post-production. Without the need for complex and expensive external timecode systems, the Wireless Pro features an internal timecode generator that’s easy to use and seamlessly synchronises audio with any camera. This can easily be set up on a computer or smartphone via the powerful Rode Central app, with flexible configuration options to suit any set-up.

Features designed to provide ever-more flexibility 

The Wireless Pro is full of professional features, making the system faster and better than ever. Both transmitters have locking lavalier connectors for security when using an external mic with a locking connector. And there is plug-in power detection on the receiver, which automatically powers the unit on and off in sync with a connected camera to extend battery life hugely. The receiver’s 3.5mm output also functions as a headphone jack as well as an audio input for a headset or other TRRS narrator microphone, such as a lavalier. Merged and split recording modes, marker dropping and customisable buttons are just a few other features which can easily be configured on a computer, or on the go with a smartphone thanks to the Rode Central companion app.

The complete accessory kit 

A holistic professional accessory selection comes with each Wireless Pro system, so filmmakers have everything they need to get to work right away. This includes a smart charging case, which protects the transmitters and receiver, ensuring they’re always fully charged. The USB-C connection also enables fast data transfer for speedily exporting onboard recordings on location. The kit also comes with a pair of Rode’s impressive Lavalier II microphones for broadcast-grade audio capture, and MagClip Go magnetic clips allow for fast and easy mounting of the transmitters onto the talent, or receiver onto a recorder. There are also three high-quality furry windshields for recording in windy conditions, and all the cables needed for connecting to cameras and phones in a separate, handy case.

With all the kit you could ask for to record flawless audio, the Wireless Pro boasts a wide range of powerful features that simply can’t be beaten. 

Originally published in the November/December 2023 issue of Pro Moviemaker.

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