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SIGMA Unveils Compact 500mm Lens

Posted on Mar 12, 2024 by Samara Husbands

A new telephoto experience

Revolutionising telephoto capabilities, SIGMA introduces the 500mm F5.6 DG DN OS | Sports lens, a compact powerhouse for full-frame mirrorless cameras

The SIGMA 500mm F5.6 DG DN OS | Sports lens is designed exclusively for full-frame mirrorless cameras.

The SIGMA 500mm F5.6 increases optical performance, combining impressive robustness with a lightweight design.

The lens features SIGMA’s high-speed HLA motor and OS2 algorithm, providing fast and precise autofocus with 5 stops of effective stabilisation.

Special low-dispersion glass elements and TSC materials contribute to the lens’s reduced size (234.6mm) and weight (1,370g), making it notably smaller and lighter than its predecessor, the SIGMA 500mm F4 DG OS HSM | Sports for DSLRs.

Not only does the lens offer outstanding optical quality, but it also includes professional features such as a weather-resistant structure, Focus Limiter switch, de-clickable and lockable aperture ring, detachable tripod socket, and a Custom Mode switch.

These features, coupled with its portability and optical performance, position the lens as a versatile ultra-telephoto prime suitable for both enthusiasts and professionals.

Key features

Key features of the lens include its use of exclusive low-dispersion glass elements to achieve a compact size and lightweight build, making it ideal for handheld shooting.

The lens incorporates convex low-dispersion elements to minimise chromatic and axial aberrations, ensuring optimal optical quality. The HLA motor delivers fast, smooth, and near-silent autofocus, while the OS2 algorithm provides 5 stops of effective stabilisation.

The lens’s design focuses on reducing size without compromising optical quality, using refractive lenses to prevent flare and ghosting in backlit environments.

Advanced autofocus and stabilisation make the lens suitable for fast-paced action, with two OS modes catering to various photography scenarios.

In terms of construction, the lens’s compact design utilises lightweight materials such as TSC and magnesium, allowing for comfortable handheld shooting over extended periods.

The lens is also weather-resistant, preventing dust, dirt, and water droplets from entering, making it suitable for various environmental conditions.

With TSC construction and weather-resistant sealing, the SIGMA 500mm F5.6 DG DN OS | Sports demonstrates SIGMA’s commitment to providing a robust, lightweight, and versatile lens for mirrorless cameras.

The lens will be released on 14 March 2024, offering photographers a powerful tool for capturing wildlife, aircraft, and sports in incredible detail.

Sigma 500mm F5.6 DG DN OS | Sports. What a lens!

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