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Be Shure of excellent audio

The VP83 is a robust yet light camera-top microphone that ensures top-quality sound for your films

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Crisp and clear audio is crucial to all filmmakers, and getting it right can be as easy as putting a highly-directional shotgun microphone from leading sound specialists. Shure on top of your DSLR or mirrorless camera.

The Shure VP83 is a camera-mounted condenser microphone that allows you to capture detailed audio with any camera that has a standard 3.5mm mic input, or portable audio recorders for even better quality of sound.

The VP83 is small and portable and comes with a windscreen, a three-position audio gain switch, switchable low-cut filter and Rycote Lyre shock mounting to cut out any vibrations. It’s a plug-and-play solution that always deserves a place in your bag, ready for use.

The Shure VP83 is designed for very natural audio reproduction with its wide frequency range, high sensitivity, low self-noise and full low-end response. And it’s shotgun-style construction enables it to provide a supercardioid/lobar polar pattern, which is the most tightly directional pickup pattern extraneous background noise.

There is a three-position audio gain switch of -10dB, 0dB or +2- dB, which lets you compensate for the loudness of different sources, so you can record anything from loud music to whisper-quiet speaking with no fuss. 

A switchable low-cut filter reduces pickup of distracting low-frequency background noise, too, so you can get rid of annoying hum from things like air conditioning units to ensure the focus is totally on the subject. And thanks to Shure’s legendary audio technology, the VP83 has a stunning level of RF immunity to protect against unwanted audio artefacts from nearby cellular and radio devices. It’s typical of the level of engineering that’s gone into the VP83, and just one of the reasons it has been awarded the Editor’s Choice in the Microphone DSLR category of the Pro Moviemaker Gear of the Year awards.

The VP83 has a durable, all-metal construction designed to legendary Shure-quality standards

The VP83 comes with a foam windscreen to protect against wind noise when shooting outdoors without impacting sound quality. But for really blustery conditions, it’s also fully compatible with the Rycote Windjammer synthetic fur windscreen for truly professional results.

The Shure VP83 can run for up to 130 hours from a single alkaline battery, and has a standard-size hot shoe or cold shoe mount for on-camera use. And there is a standard 1/4in thread on the unit’s base, for easy mounting on a stand for off-camera use.

“Shure has long been one of the legendary names in microphone technology and its expertise really shines through with the VP83,” says Pro Moviemaker editor, Adam Duckworth. “It is ultra lightweight at just 133g, yet has a durable, all-metal construction designed to legendary Shure-quality standards that will keep on delivering top-quality audio for a very long time.” 


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