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Big Reds Go Global

Posted on Mar 25, 2024 by Samara Husbands

Breaking Cinematic Boundaries

The V-Raptor X and V-Raptor XL X 8K VV cameras set to transform cinema with a global shutter, extended dynamic range, and advanced features for high-end filmmaking

US camera pioneer Red continues to push the boundaries of technology by releasing the first large format cinema cameras to use a global shutter. The new V-Raptor X 8K VV and V-Raptor XL X 8K VV cameras use Red Global Vision tech to shoot up to 120fps in 8K, with extended highlight protection for more dynamic range and improved phase detection autofocus. 

The cameras retain the dynamic range, low-light performance, resolution options, high frame rates and form factor of the V-Raptor predecessors, claims Red. This is despite global shutter sensors being known for reducing dynamic range.

The £30,480/$29,995 V-Raptor X and £45,720/$44,995 V-Raptor XL X systems also offer increased exposure times and improved audio performance. 

Red says Extended Highlights mode allows the camera to retain colour and detail in extreme highlights like never before, providing even softer and more subtle highlight roll-off and an overall dynamic range of more than 20 stops. And Phantom Track dual capture streamlines any virtual production environment  that employs Ghostframe or frame remapping, capturing distinct R3D clips per LED wall view, while allowing monitoring of either view live on-set over each SDI. 

The V-Raptor X compact body is built with the same design and form factor as the original V-Raptor platform, but with newly engineered audio preamps and an optimised sensor cavity claimed to improve contrast. The V-Raptor X has two 12G SDI connectors, a locking Canon RF-fit lens mount and it records to CFexpress Type B media for up to 800Mbps formats such as 8K at 120fps. 

The V-Raptor XL X has been designed to support high-end TV and motion-picture productions, or any filmmakers requiring an all-in-one solution. This XL version features dual-voltage battery support that’s compatible with both 14v and 26v V-Lock or Gold Mount options. There is also a built-in electronic ND in 1/4-, 1/3- and full-stop increments.

The cameras can capture 8K full sensor at up to 120fps (150fps at 2.4:1), 6K up to 160fps (200fps at 2.4:1) and 2K (2.4:1) at an incredible 600fps. As with the other cameras in Red’s ecosystem, these use the proprietary Redcode Raw codec, for 16-bit Raw recording that uses Red’s IPP2 workflow and colour management tools.

“Ever since our sensor team cracked the code for a no-compromise global shutter sensor design in the original Komodo, customers have been pushing us to bring our global shutter technology to our large format sensors, and today we are happy to deliver,” said Red’s president, Jarred Land. 

“Creating a global shutter sensor while maintaining dynamic range is almost impossible. Then, on top of that is the addition of an optional Extended Highlights mode. This shows we are pushing image processing far past the limits that were once believed and exceeding 20 stops of dynamic range.”

Red is offering upgrade programs for current V-Raptor and V-Raptor XL owners. It costs $12,500 for both V-Raptor 8K VV and V-Raptor XL 8K VV owners to make the move to the newest versions. No UK trade-up price has yet been announced.

First published in the March/April 2024 issue of Pro Moviemaker.

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