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Canon EOS C500 Mark II Gets Cinema RAW Upgrade

Posted on Mar 19, 2024 by Samara Husbands

For cinematic flexibility

Canon upgrades filmmaking with the new EOS C500 Mark II! Explore new Cinema RAW Light formats for enhanced flexibility and post-production prowess

Canon Europe has announced the rollout of a new firmware update for its EOS C500 Mark II camera, introducing additional Cinema RAW Light recording formats to enhance the camera’s professional capabilities. The update, available free of charge, is set to provide users with greater flexibility in workflow and expanded options in post-production.

The newly added 12-bit Cinema RAW Light formats—LT (Light), ST (Standard), and HQ (High Quality)—bring a range of internal RAW recording data rates to the EOS C500 Mark II.

This feature, previously introduced for the EOS R5 C and EOS C70, responds to high demand from users seeking enhanced versatility in recording options. With these formats, users can select recording settings that either optimise fidelity or reduce file sizes while preserving 12-bit color information.

The EOS C500 Mark II, acclaimed for its 5.9K full-frame sensor, internal RAW recording capabilities, interchangeable lens mount, and modular design, is widely favored in television and cinematic productions. Its compact body, impressive image quality, and extensive connectivity make it a go-to choice for professionals in the field.

Aron Randhawa, Senior Product Specialist at Canon Europe, highlighted the significance of Cinema RAW Light’s evolution, emphasising its superiority over heavily compressed formats, particularly in colour grading and VFX pipelines. He noted that all three newly introduced formats maintain 12-bit depth, even at higher frame rates, without chroma subsampling, enabling cinematographers to fully exploit the capabilities of their production cameras.

For more information about the Canon EOS C500 Mark II and the upcoming firmware update, visit the Canon Europe website at

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