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Canon reveals C300 Mark III and the hybrid Cine-Servo lens

Posted on Apr 21, 2020 by Pro Moviemaker

Yesterday, Canon launched the EOS C300 Mark III and the CN10X25 IAS S cine-servo lens

Canon Europe has affirmed its commitment to the cinema and broadcast industry, providing it with two new products the push creative boundaries and meet production requirements.

The highly anticipated EOS C300 Mark III is its next generation Cinema EOS System camera with a new Super 35mm 4K CMOS DGO (Dual Gain Output) sensor, modular design and the ability to record in multiple formats.


The EOS C300 Mark III showcases moving image excellence

Canon also revealed the CN10X25 IAS S – a versatile 8K-capable 25mm-250mm 10x power zoom Cine-Servo lens, with broad focal length range and capabilities to extend up to 375mm using its built in 1.5x optical extender.

In addition to this, it announces new firmware updates for its professional display monitors and Cinema EOS System cameras.

EOS C300 Mark III

Building on the coveted 2015-launches EOS C300 Mark II, the EOS C300 Mark III showcases moving image excellence.

With a new DGO sensor that enhances HDR output exceeding 16-stops of dynamic range, configurable design – similar to the EOS C500 Mark II launched last year – and ability to record up to 120fps in 4K Cinema Raw Light or XF-AVC – the camera is suitable for various productions.

Such features make the EOS C300 Mark III a good choice for those looking to create productions from documentaries and commercials, to corporate videos and dramas.

Its creation, along with the new CN10X25 IAS S is Canon’s direct response to producing kit that meets the growing industry demand for high-end content across all genres.

HDR with new DGO sensor

The first of Canon’s cameras to boast its DGO sensor – a newly developed imaging system that offers clean low light picture quality as well as HDR acquisition capabilities.

Each pixel on the sensor is read out with two different amplification levels – one high and one low – which is then be combined to make a single image. The higher amplification read out is optimised to capture clean details in darker areas, while the lower amplification read out is optimised to capture details in brighter areas.

When combined, at pixel-level accuracy, the details and the qualities on the highlight and low light areas of the image are maintained and enhanced – enabling professionals to achieve higher dynamic range of up to 16+ stops. What’s more, the DGO sensor is also compatible with Dual Pixel CMOS AF giving professionals greater creative freedom.

A workflow for any production

The multi-recording format ability of the EOS C300 Mark III provides workflow efficiency to fulfil multiple production requirements across broadcast and cinema.

The camera’s ability to internally record 4K Cinema Raw Light provides all the benefits of a Raw file in terms of flexibility in post-production, but in a smaller file size – easing the burden and cost that can come with large file sizes.

In addition to this, the C300 can record internally in Canon XF-AVC at 4K DCI and UHD at 4:2:2 10-bit, as well as 2K and Full HD. For non-Raw recording in XF-AVC, professionals can select ALL-I or Long GOP to film with high compression for efficient workflow and longer recording times.

When recording 2K or Full HD in Super 35mm, footage boasts the 4K sensor’s full capabilities. This recording is downsampled internally to record the footage at the resolution selected by the user – providing higher image quality and uncompromised field of view of the selected lens thanks to no cropping of the sensor.


Professionals can configure the camera using two different optional Expansion Units (EU-V1 and EU-V2) – both which add extra connection terminals to the camera body and expand the camera’s compatibility with various styles of shooting.

Additionally, the lens mount can be changed between EF, PL and EF Cinema Lock mounts without the need to send the camera to an Authorised Service Centre – a huge benefit for professionals looking to create productions with various looks.

The hybrid CN10X25 IAS S

With good optics and compact and lightweight design, the versatile 4K and 8K-capable CN10X25 IAS S Cine-Servo lens meets multiple production needs.

Thanks to its wide focal length range, ability to be configured for both broadcast and cinema productions, and compatibility with Super 35mm and Full Frame sensor cameras – it’s ideal for professionals looking to filming high-quality productions across a wide range of genres such as drama, commercials, sports and documentary. For these reasons, the lens makes a great pairing with the likes of the new EOS C300 Mark III.


Allows professionals to capture high quality close-up content of moments happening in distance

With its 11-blade aperture, a soft and subject popping bokeh is achieved with warm colour tones for superior image quality and cinematic rendering. When used with Canon’s Cinema EOS System cameras, including the EOS C300 Mark III, it offers top image quality, operability and reliability the industry is looking for.

Range of filming situations  

Producing optically, ‘cinematic’ images that are sharp from centre to outer edges, the power zoom lens can handle a range of shooting situations from 25mm wide angle, to 250mm telephoto.

This range can be pushed to 375mm with the built-in 1.5x optical extender allowing professionals to capture high quality close-up content of moments happening in distance.

With the built-in extender it is possible to enlarge the image size of the lens to make it compatible with 35mm Full Frame sensor cameras – such as Canon’s EOS C500 Mark II – a great advantage that pushes the capability of the lens.

Flexible design

The ergonomic drive unit of the CN10X25 IAS S is detachable, suiting broadcast and cinema production requirements.

Its lens mount can also be interchanged between EF and PL mount providing value and flexibility to professionals. It’s compliance with a wide range of communication standards supporting EF communication with EF mount and Cooke/i Technology with PL mount, provides additional support and functionality which is beneficial for those looking for a high-quality lens suitable for various productions.

A 12-pin serial communication is also supported for broadcast standards, as well as a 20-pin connector which outputs accurate lens positional data for various virtual systems.

Cinema EOS System camera firmware update

Today, Canon Europe announces a firmware update for its Cinema EOS System cameras. Among the 17 updates in total are the following:

  • Added lens compatibility between the EOS C700 FF, EOS C700/C700GS, EOS C300 Mark II, EOS C200 and the today-launched CINE-SERVO lens – the CN10X25 IAS S – to include various support functions such as Dual Pixel CMOS AF functions, Chromatic Aberration and Peripheral Illumination Correction functions and the Lens Meta Data recording.
  • XF-AVC Long GOP and XF-AVC Proxy recording formats added to the EOS C500 Mark II to meet industry requirements and for compatibility with multiple workflows.
  • Simultaneous HDMI and SDI output with the EOS C200 – increasing the flexibility of the camera. As a result, professionals can use two output terminals for different purposes such as adding a recorder and a reference monitor while also recording internally.

The EOS C300 Mark III will be available from June and the CN10X25 IAS S available from July.

For more information about the Canon C300, click here.

For more information about the CN10X25 IAS S, click here.

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