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Get to grips with the Remote MC-N10

Posted on Nov 4, 2022 by Samara Husbands

Nikon announces the Remote Grip MC-N10. Reliable and lightweight, it is the perfect companion for videographers and moviemakers

Expanding its grip on the market, Nikon’s Remote MC-N10 gives videographers control over their mirrorless cameras. The latest accessory suits a variety of set-ups and operates at the heart of a video rig. It is compatible with the Z 9, Z 7II, and Z 6II.

Whether recording solo or as part of a crew, users can control all main video settings and via familiar buttons set into the MC-N10 grip. In terms of functionality, it covers those normally controlled by the camera’s rear buttons and settings assigned to the camera’s dials or Fn buttons. For versatility, an ARRI standard rosette fitting allows for quick changes in position, and the grip’s click-free dials keep things quiet on set.

The lightweight body weighs 310g with two AA batteries inserted, while shooting for extended periods is possible with 12 hours operation time. A stable connection is essential for reliable control on location, so that’s why the grip connects to a Nikon camera via USB-C.

“The grip really opens up the possibilities for videographers working with minimal kit”, says Dirk Jasper, product manager at Nikon Europe. “The lightweight build comfortable feel gives you the kind of handling you need to track and pan without worry.”

The grip retails for £439.

For more information, head to the Nikon website.

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