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Godox LED Video Light

Posted on Jun 4, 2024 by Samara Husbands

Easy shooting, easy capture!

Explore Godox’s ML and LC series: lightweight, portable LED lights offering flexible, professional lighting for creators. Perfect for photography and video projects

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In photography and video creation, lighting has always been crucial. With time, more and more vloggers, content creators, and small-scale filming teams have emerged.

Light fixtures that are lightweight, portable, and multifunctional are gradually becoming the preferred choice for creators. Godox’s LC and ML series offer users more flexible and professional options in this domain, providing ideal lighting solutions.

Portability, convenience in design, and remarkable creativity in functionality offer endless possibilities for photography and video creation.

Let’s explore their strengths.

Godox ML Series

The Godox ML series includes a variety of versatile LED video lights that offer convenient and flexible lighting solutions for photography and video shooting, both indoors and outdoors.

One of its standout features is its compact and lightweight design, making it easy to carry and use. A noteworthy product in this series is the recently released ML100Bi. Continuing the ML series’ lightweight design ethos, the ML100Bi is only 487g, its easy installation and mobility are matched by its exceptional input power of 120W.

With a pocket-sized design, it’s perfect for on-the-go shooting. As part of the Godox-mount ecosystem, the ML100Bi, paired with a wide range of Godox-mount accessories, enables precise lighting control. Its diverse power options ensure extended shooting time and emergency backup. Backed by exceptional colour reproduction with TLCI 97+ and CRI 98+, it delivers lifelike visuals for all your creative projects.

Godox LC Series

The Godox LC stick light series is suitable for scenes that require uniform lighting, such as video shooting, product photography, live streaming, and makeup applications. It’s perfect for filling large areas with light, providing even and soft fill light effects.

Compact yet powerful, with multiple colour temperature and brightness adjustment functions, it adapts to various shooting needs. Among them, the LC1000Bi/R stands out. The LC1000Bi/LC1000R LED Light Stick – with powerful illumination, delivering impressive brightness at 100W in P mode.

Ignite creativity with dynamic RGB colours and enjoy smooth, professional-quality lighting for various settings, while versatile power options ensure user-friendly operation in any environment, keeping you charged. Transform scenes with 11/15 built-in FX effects, perfectly synchronised with music.

The Godox ML series and LC series each have unique features and advantages, and play crucial roles in different shooting scenarios and creative needs. Not only flexible and convenient but also maintaining professional quality.

Continue to explore new horizons in light and shadow in the realm of creation and unleash even more brilliant works with the Godox ML series and LC series!

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