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Tamron announces three close-focusing fixed focal lenses for Sony E-­mount full-frame mirrorless cameras

Tamron has announced the launch of three fixed focal lenses for Sony E-mount full-frame mirrorless cameras.


Having already produced award-winning zoom lenses, Tamron has turned thier attention toward fixed focal lenses.


The three new models include:

 20mm focal length (Model F050) to fully explore the world of ultra wide-angles

 24mm focal length (Model F051) as the perfect general purpose wide angle lens

35mm focal length (Model F053) versatile and deal for subject use.




Each lens strikes a balance between gorgeous image rendering and superior operation, with matching filter size (φ67mm) for all three fixed focal lenses, as well as the two previously launched zooms.

Furthermore, the 20mm, 24mm and 35mm lenses are all capable of focusing very close, to an unprecedented level in the category magnification ratio of 1:2.

Other features include moisture-resistant construction (for outdoor shooting),  a fluorine coating on the front element for easy maintenance, and fingerprint removal. They also support various camera features offered by certain Sony cameras, such as fast hybrid AF and eye AF.


 Product highlights

1. Enhanced close-­focusing capability expands the lens use, and versatility. These fixed focal lenses focus very close-up. The minimum object distance for the 20mm24mm and 35mm is 0.11m, 0.12m and 0.15m (4.3, 4.7 and 5.9 inches) respectively. The maximum magnification ratio for all three is 1:2.

This remarkable performance allows users to create compositions that emphasise perspective, meaning when moving close to the subject, strongly blurred backgrounds are easier to attain.



2. A compact, lightweight 67mm filter diameter system offering excellent portability

Weighing in at 220g (7.8 oz) for the 20mm (Model F050), 215g (7.6 oz) for the 24mm (Model F051) and 210g (7.4 oz) for the 35mm (Model F053), the lenses are exceptionally light, allowing for more comfort without having to hesitate about carry the lens. In fact all three lenses combined weight is under 1.5 pounds (645g).

As testament to their compactness, all three new models feature the same 67mm filter diameter as Tamron’s zoom lenses for full-frame mirrorless cameras. This significantly reduces cost and packing space when working with PL, ND and other filters. Even the front lens caps are the same size, eliminating the hassle of sorting caps.These features combine to produce a highly convenient and mobile system.



3. Superb performance that matches the latest high-­resolution image sensors

The sophisticated optical formula created with the latest lens design technologies boasts exceptionally high rendering performance from edge to edge, thanks to the optimal arrangement of low-dispersion and glass-­moulded aspherical lens elements. Any remaining minor distortions that are sometimes common in wide-­angle lenses can be corrected using in-­camera functions. Additionally, Tamron’s  broad-­band anti‑reflection coating effectively reduces ghosting and flare. With excellent resolving power achieved through uncompromising optical performance and camera-based distortion correction, these lenses can be used with complete confidence for a wide range of applications from personal use to professional work.



4. All three lenses are the same length: 64mm (2.5 in)

Giving an excellent balance with Sony E-­mount cameras, these compact lenses employ a front element extension system, but are designed to maintain the same exterior length during focusing operations. So there is even less chance of an extended front element accidentally coming into contact with a subject during closeup shooting; And optional manual focusing is easier due to the focus ring being positioned toward the front of the lens with-in natural reach of the thumb and index finger.



5. Silent autofocus driven by optimised silent drive DC motor

The AF drive system employs an OSD to ensure quiet operation. In comparison to conventional AF types with built‑in DC motors. Tamron was able to greatly reduce the drive noise as well as vastly improve AF performance and speed. The lower ambient noise level is sure to be appreciated by video shooters. Overall, this fixed focal lens series provides superlative AF precision for exact focus even when shooting moving subjects, as well as outstanding accuracy and tracking capability.


6. Moisture-­resistant construction and fluorine coating

Environmental seals are located on the lens mount area, and other critical locations to prevent infiltration of moisture or rain drops and afford moisture-­resistant construction. This feature provides an additional layer of protection when shooting outdoors under adverse weather conditions. The front surface of the lens element is coated with a protective fluorine compound that has excellent water and oil repellant qualities. The lens surface is easier to wipe clean and less vulnerable to the damaging effects of dirt, moisture or oily fingerprints.



7. Compatible with main camera specific features and functions

All three of Tamron’s new fixed focal lenses are compatible with many of the advanced features that are specific to certain mirrorless cameras. These include the following:

– fast hybrid AF

-­ eye AF

‑ direct manual focus (DMF)

‑ in-­camera lens correction (shading, chromatic aberration, distortion)


Optical Product Line-­up:

Interchangeable lenses for 35mm / digital SLR camera, interchangeable lenses for non-­reflex type camera, camcorder lenses, digital still camera lenses, drone lenses, optical device units, surveillance camera lenses, FA and machine vision lenses, automotive camera lenses, camera module, test plates, ect.


This product is developed, manufactured and sold based on the specifications of E-­mount, which was disclosed by Sony Corporation. Click here for more information 

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