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Tamron in firmware furore

Posted on Dec 21, 2022 by Samara Husbands

Updating numerous lenses, Tamron is joining the firmware festival of updates this winter

Seven of Tamron’s most popular lenses are due a facelift during what seems to be the great firmware update of the year. Several manufacturers have joined the update party, which is an important step to keep up with evolving technological demands. Next to compatibility with the newly released Android version of the Tamron Lens Utility Mobile app, a bug fix, there are vast improvements to the autofocus system.

Tamron 20-40, 50-400, 28-75 G2 and 35-150 for Sony E-mount
Firmware v2.0 makes all these lenses compatible with the Android version of the Tamron Lens Utility Mobile app. Photographers and moviemakers can make live, and on-site customisations of the lens functions and characteristics by simply connecting the lens to the Android device. The update will be performed via USB-C port on the lens, connected to the Tamron Lens Utility software on a laptop or other computer.

Updates are available for the following lenses:

  • Tamron 20-40 f/2.8 VXD for Sony E-mount, model A062
  • Tamron 50-400 VC VXD for Sony E-mount, model A067
  • Tamron 28-75 f/2.8 VXD G2 for Sony E-mount, model A063
  • Tamron 35-150 f/2-2.8 VXD for Sony E-mount, model A058

Tamron 50-400 F/4.5-6.3 Di III VC VXD for Sony E-mount
The firmware v2.0 update gives the Tamron 50-400 (model A067) Android app support, huge improvement to the AF acquisition and tracking algorithms. This also improves the accuracy with the Sony eye tracking autofocus for people, animals and birds. The autofocus is further improved by minimizing the time for out of focus subject acquisition, even when moving. Finally, it brings AF assist functionality during video recording for even more precise control during a shoot.

Tamron 150-500 F/5-6.7 Di III VC VXD for Sony E-mount
The update gives the Tamron 150-500mm (model A057S) lens the same improved AF algorithms as the v2.0 update for the 50-400. This is a marked improvement on AF tracking algorithms and refocusing on moving subjects, making the compact, super tele zoom the perfect choice for wildlife, birds and sports photographers alike. For moviemakers, it may be handy to know that it also brings AF assist during video recording. To complete this firmware update, you need to connect it to the Sony camera body and update the software that way.

Tamron 18-300mm F/3.5-6.3 Di III-A VC VXD for Fuji X
Live stabilisation is the star of the show for this lens v2.0 update. Adding the ‘Shooting Stabilisation’ mode to the Fuji X camera is ideal when the camera is in continuous autofocus. This makes it ideal for photographers who do a lot of subject tracking while using back button or half-press AF. After the update is complete, the lens stabilisation will remain active for as long as the back button or half-press in engaged. This marks significant progress for photo- and videographers who can now capture the decisive moment with a stable viewfinder and final shot. The Tamron lens VC functions when the shutter button is pressed half-way and the camera ‘IS MODE’ is set to ‘SHOOTING’ while the ‘FOCUS MODE’ is in ‘AF-C’. Firmware update for Tamron lenses for Fuji X cameras are executed by downloading the new firmware onto a formatted memory card and via the update function on the camera itself.

Tamron 17-70mm F/2.8 Di III-A VC RXD for Fuji X
Adding the same stabilisation as the 18-300mm, the update for this lens is also carried out the same way.

Tamron 18-400 F/3.5-6.3 Di II VC HLD for Canon EF
This update fixes an issue with Canon EOS R7 and EOS R10 cameras, due to a timing bug, where the AF communication could be cut off when turning the camera on and off. The firmware update for this lens can be done via the Tamron TAP-In Console.

To find out more about Tamron’s firmware updates, visit the website.

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