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Palm-sized powerhouse

Posted on Oct 17, 2023 by Samara Husbands

A new COB light that fits into the palm of your hand can put out a staggering 300W of power for short bursts, even though it is nominally rated at a potent 200W

The bicolour Zhiyun Molus changes from normal mode to Max Extreme mode at the push of a button. And its smaller sibling, the new Fiveray V60 LED light wand, has a similar trick up its sleeve – from 60W to blasting 100W once the Max Extreme setting is used.

The stylish, £369/$379 Zhiyun Molus G200 is a powerful yet portable 200W COB LED light, weighing 2.21kg/4.87lb and measuring 127×67.5x225mm/ 5×2.66×8.86in. It comes with a separate controller equipped with two interactive buttons and a display screen making it quick to set lighting functions and effects, plus five preset dimming levels. 

Colour temperature ranges from 2700-6500K and, at peak brightness, the G200 offers 9460 lux without a reflector and 61,500 lux with Zhiyun’s standard reflector at 1m. In Max Extreme mode, the Zhiyun Molus G200 offers 13,800 lux and 85,800 lux respectively. In Max mode, the fan is louder and the colour temperature is 4300K, but there is no maximum runtime. In ambient temperatures over 30°C, Max mode is disabled.

The Molus G200 has a CRI of ≥95 and a TLCI of ≥97 for accurate colours. There are three lighting modes. In normal mode, turn on the light and adjust brightness to desired levels, while Live mode automatically turns it on as soon as it’s powered up. And finally, Music mode syncs your lighting  along with music beats.

The fan-cooled G200 comes with a stand with a 180° adjustable arm as well as a universal lighting umbrella slot. The light is compatible with Bowens-mount accessories and via Zhiyun’s ZY Vega app, and there is also support for Bluetooth Mesh networking.

The £199/$199 Fiveray V60 light wand is similar to the more powerful Fiveray F100 and is 448x53x53mm/16.8x.2.4×2.4in and 891g/2lb in weight. Included is a small display screen to change settings.

This has a colour temperature range of 2700-6500K, plus a TLCI of ≥98 and CRI of ≥96. There are built-in effects like SOS, TV, broken light bulb, candle, lightning and fire. Similarly to the Molus G200, Music mode syncs with the beat.

It is powered from DC power with USB charging and, when plugged into a power supply, Max mode can be activated to boost from 60W to 100W.

Originally published in the September/October 2023 issue of Pro Moviemaker.

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