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Transformer technology

March 3rd, 2020

A rig from engineering expert Vocas can change your basic camera into a full production-ready filmmaking tool

Ultimate kit for cinema cameras

July 8th, 2019

We look at the best accessories for three of the most popular cameras used by independent filmmakers 

Vocas MB-256 Matte Box

March 31st, 2019

If you want to fit the larger, professional filters to your DSLR or cinema camera, then nothing can beat the flexibility of a purpose-made...

Vocas Flexible Camera Rig FCR-15 Pro kit

March 20th, 2019

When kit is labelled ‘universal’ or ‘one size fits all’, often it should come with a warning that it’ll be  a compromise, won’t actually...

Gear of the Year Winners Revealed!

February 25th, 2019

Gear of the Year Winners Revealed!  

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